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Image by Tye Doring
Image by Tye Doring

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Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

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How often have you had a party, and instead of having fun, you were exhausted by the time the last guests left? With our catering service, we provide you with a chance to relax and let us do all the work. Throwing a party has never been this easy! 

  • We consult with you to plan the perfect menu for your event

  • We prepare the food in our kitchen so yours does not become a mess

  • Enjoy your guests while we serve and clean up

Catering Styles:

  • Plated multiple courses

  • Family style

  • Buffet style

  • Appetizer platters, served hors d'oeuvres, salads, desserts, etc.

  • Outside fun BBQs


Why Hire Us?

  • Professionalism. We are honest, up front, punctual, and 100% ethical.

  • No hidden fees. No surprise fees. 

  • 30 years experience.

  • We are insured!



Pricing for parties varies on the number of guests, the type of service, and the menu. Please contact us to plan your menu and receive a quote.

Image by Casey Lee

Plated multiple course

Let your significant other know how much you care by surprising them with a gourmet private dinner for two. The chef will arrive with all the necessary ingredients and will prepare a delicious dinner for two which we will serve. The menu will be planned according to your favorite foods and will include appetizer(s), main course, and dessert.

Image by Stella de Smit

Family Style Party

Want to enjoy your family-get-together without the need to worry about cooking, grocery shopping and meal prepping? We've got your back! With our family style lunches, dinners and more, you will feel right at home and able to focus on your family and create new memories without the worry of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. 

Appetizers and Cocktails


What’s better than having a professional chef preparing gourmet appetizers and hors d'oeuvres for you and your guests? When we brings along a bartender to mix your favorite innovative and delightful cocktails and mixed drinks to pair with the food!

Stoocked Buffet

Buffet Style Party


A buffet Dinner, lunch, or breakfast, we serve all sorts of small events like baby showers, bridal parties, birthday parties, etc.